My New G by Glenda Gilson Summer Collection

I hope you like my new summer collection for G by Glenda Gilson Jewellery that was launched today.  

The day of the shoot my fabulous pal, the talented Courtney Smith helped me out immensely.  Not only do I love what she puts on me, but I love how she pieces everything together with such ease and style and always tells me the truth about what works and what doesn’t.

Courtney organised hair and make-up for me.  Darren Lacken who is the Creative Director & co-owner of Crow Street Collective and probably one of the soundest, kindest and funniest guys in the hair dressing world did my hair in to a beachy wave.  Orlaith Shore did an amazing job on make-up.  When she told me, the look was natural and fresh I nearly died as I was pale and sick looking from morning sickness, I soon learned though that I was safe in the hands of Orlaith.

Lili Forberg did the pics. I adore Lili’s work!  I’ve been working with her since my modelling days and always love the photos she takes of me especially the ones she took of me for this shoot.

I’m really excited about this collection and I hope you like it as much as I do!


A huge thank you to everyone above for their talented and hard work and especially to my dear friend Tara O Connor for her never-ending inspiration.